S. Flint Photography
Box 557, Columbus TX 78934


"Grace" Eastern Egg Rock, Maine, 2016 Two common terns
"The Preflight Briefing" Eastern Egg Rock, Maine 2016 Savannah Sparrow, Atlantic Puffin, Razorbill decoy
Chit Chat
"I've Got Your Back!" Eastern Egg Rock, Maine 2016 Two Atlantic Puffins
"Billing Brothers" Eastern Egg Rock, Maine 2016 Two Atlantic Puffins
"Tomorrow the World!" Eastern Egg Rock, Maine 2016
Did You Hear?
A Spot of Sunshine
AAP 665
American Kestrel
Osprey #2
Osprey with Fish
Mt Bluebird
Loon & Two Chicks
Wood Duck
Reaching for the Sky
Homeward Bound
White Pelicans
A Spot of Red
Pileated Woodpecker
Portrait of a Puffin
On Final
Cardinal in the Gutter
Mission Accomplished
Head'n Home
Head'n South
Loon Walk
Red Bellied Woodpecker
WD's Jay
Portrait of a Snowy Egret
Shadow of a Laughing Gull
First Flight
Early Departure
Breakfast in the Everglades
A Colorful Ending
Portrait of a Spoonbill

Bluebird on a Post

Portrait of a Mute Swan

Little Blue

A Crowd of Pelicans

Osprey with Alewife


A Spot of Sunshine

Portrait of a Loon

Pintail Drake

Red Shouldered Hawk

Spoonbills in the Mist

3 Spoonbills ???

European Roller
I Love You
Gimme Gimme
A Chorus Line
A Flight of Redheads
Look Out Behind
Fine Feathered Fisher
Turkey Tails
Morning Flight
Resting Sandhill

Hooded Merganser

Two's Company...

A Good Catch

Now that's a Mouthful

Make Room

Cleared to Land

A Flight of Two
Standing Tall
Lean On Me
In Good Hands
Coming Home
Y33 with Mate
The Stare Down
Rainy Day Blues
The Cheering Section
Osprey with Striper
Pyrrhuloxia Male
Two Toms
Hoots Dat
Approaching Pintails
Vermilion Flycatcher Female
The P Bird
Vermilion Flycatcher with Fly
Wading Oystercatchers
Pemaquid Osprey
A Belted Kingfisher
Caracara Sunrise
A Spoonbill Reception
Portrait of an Osprey
Oystercatcher with Clam
Portrait of a Pelican
Texas Scissor-tail
Snows at Dawn
Soaring Bird
Lilac Breasted Roller
Matagorda GBH
Osprey with Fish
Riding the Surf
Big Bend Whitewings