S. Flint Photography
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"A Frosty Morning" May 2016 Yellowstone National Park
"Red Dogs with Moms" Yellowstone National Park 2016 Bison with Calves
"American Bison", our national mammal Yellowstone National Park 2016
"Unknown Black Wolf" Yellowstone National Park, 2016
Yellowstone Wolf 802F
Blonde Coyote
A Mother Grizz
The Coverup
Goat in a Tree
Kermode Bear
Spirit Bear w/Salmon
Ghost Bear
Swimming in the Rain
Grizz on Ice
Got Your Six
Spirit Bear II
Grizz on Ice
Big Foot
Spirit Bear I
Moose in Snow
Gray Fox
Cinnemon Bear (Black)
Black Bear Cub
Black Bear with Cubs
Moose Cow and Calf
Oh My
A Tasty Treat
Black Bear
Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On
Young Grizz
The Matriarch
Red Fox Kit
Red Fox with Kit #1
Bison in Sage
Chinati Fox
On a Morning Stroll

A Coyote's Song

Giraffe at Kopje

Baboon Mom & Babe

Johns Bay Pups

Buck in the Bush

The Chase

Posing Whitetail

Drop Tines

Look Away

The Vigil

Desert Bighorn

Guarding the Kill

Young Tommies

On Stage

The March

The Gathering

S Texas Whitetail #1

2 Rams

Alpine Javelina
Aw Mom
S Texas Whitetail #2